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Trying to find an obstacle course race to run in the United States? Look no further than our comprehensive list of events. Obstacle Racers was started as the original mud run and obstacle course race calendar, and we continue to display only the best races on our events list.

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Verified Race – These are well-established races and/or series with proven track records of great events. Most are part of a large series with many years in the industry and have a loyal following of racers. These races are ideal for every individaul, especially those just starting with Obstacle Racing.

Up-and-Coming Race – These races have a good track record so far, but lack the history, size, and following of well-established races. If these races continue to gain traction, expect them to be upgraded to Verified status. These are great events for experienced obstacle racers looking to try a new series, and for local casual racers to get a quick weekend event in the books.

World-Class Race – These events draw racers from around the world, and typically occur only once a year due to their size, difficulty and organization. Entry fees and required gear are usually expensive, and registration is sometimes limited to invitation- or qualification-only. These races are ideal for competitive athletes and casual obstacle racers with significant race experience.

Women-Only Race – These events are limited to women only (sorry guys). They’re generally fun and casual race experiences with obstacles and entertainment geared specifically towards women. Women-only races are perfect for getting outside and having fun (and getting a little dirty) with girlfriends.

2014 Events

Race Series
Superhero Scramble (Charger)SouthwestTXFeb 22
Warrior DashWestHIFeb 22
Rugged ManiacSoutheastSCMar 8
Superhero Scramble (Charger)WestCAMar 22
Warrior DashSouthwestTXMar 22
Tough MudderWestCAMar 29
Tough MudderWestCAMar 30
Tough MudderSouthwestAZApr 5
Tough MudderSouthwestAZApr 6
Tough MudderWestCAApr 12
Tough MudderSoutheastFLApr 12
Warrior DashSouthwestAZApr 12
Warrior DashSoutheastGAApr 12
Tough MudderWestCAApr 13
Tough MudderSoutheastFLApr 13
Rugged ManiacSoutheastNCApr 19
Tough MudderNortheastPAApr 19
Tough MudderNortheastPAApr 20
Superhero Scramble (Charger)SoutheastGAApr 26
Tough MudderSoutheastGAApr 26
Tough MudderWestNVApr 26
Tough MudderSoutheastGAApr 27
Tough MudderWestNVApr 27
Dirt Runner (Midwest Mayhem)MidwestILMay 3
Krell Adventure GamesNortheastPAMay 3
Rugged ManiacSoutheastVAMay 3
Tough MudderMidwestKSMay 3
Warrior DashSoutheastMSMay 3
Tough MudderMidwestKSMay 4
Superhero Scramble (Intimidator)SoutheastFLMay 10
Tough MudderMidwestILMay 10
Warrior DashNortheastMDMay 10
Warrior DashSoutheastARMay 10
Tough MudderMidwestILMay 11
Civilian Military CombineNortheastPAMay 17
Tough MudderMidwestOHMay 17
Warrior DashSoutheastNCMay 17
Warrior DashSouthwestOKMay 17
Tough MudderMidwestOHMay 18
Dirt Runner (Night Run)MidwestILMay 24
Rugged ManiacWestORMay 31
Tough MudderNortheastVTMay 31
Warrior DashMidwestOHMay 31
Tough MudderNortheastVTJun 1
Caveman Rock 'n RunMidwestOHJun 7
Tough MudderSoutheastTNJun 7
Warrior DashMidwestNEJun 7
Tough MudderSoutheastTNJun 8
Rugged ManiacSoutheastFLJun 14
Tough MudderSoutheastVAJun 14
Warrior DashMidwestILJun 14
Tough MudderSoutheastVAJun 15
Warrior DashMidwestILJun 15
Civilian Military CombineNortheastMAJun 21
Dirt Runner (Night Run)MidwestILJun 21
Rugged ManiacNortheastNYJun 28
Warrior DashNortheastMAJun 28
Dirt Runner (Night Run)MidwestILJul 12
Rugged ManiacNortheastNJJul 12
Tough MudderNortheastNYJul 12
Rugged ManiacNortheastNJJul 13
Tough MudderNortheastNYJul 13
Rugged ManiacWestCAJul 19
Tough MudderMidwestWIJul 19
Warrior DashWestWAJul 19
Tough MudderMidwestWIJul 20
Rugged ManiacWestCOJul 26
Warrior DashNortheastNYJul 26
Warrior DashMidwestMIJul 26
Rugged ManiacMidwestWIAug 2
Warrior DashMidwestWIAug 2
Warrior DashNortheastNJAug 2
Warrior DashMidwestOHAug 9
Warrior DashMidwestMOAug 9
Krell Adventure GamesNortheastNYAug 16
Rugged ManiacSoutheastGAAug 16
Tough MudderMidwestOHAug 16
Warrior DashWestCOAug 16
Tough MudderMidwestOHAug 17
Warrior DashNortheastPAAug 23
InfernoWestORAug 30
Rugged ManiacMidwestMNSep 6
Warrior DashMidwestINSep 6
Warrior DashWestORSep 6
Rugged ManiacMidwestINSep 13
Warrior DashMidwestMISep 20
Rugged ManiacNortheastMASep 27
Rugged ManiacNortheastMASep 28
Tough MudderNortheastNJOct 11
Warrior DashSoutheastLAOct 11
Tough MudderNortheastNJOct 12
Rugged ManiacMidwestMOOct 25

* Obstacle Racers may receive commissions from registrations through the links provided.
** Events list is for reference only. Dates and locations may change without notice.

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  1. Although they all hold a unique challenge, I have found myself totally addicted to OCR. I have recently completed the spartan race and , in my opinion, has been the biggest challenge. I look forward to pushing to race the hardest races they have to offer. Tough mudder, ultra beast and race the reaper are at the top of my list.

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